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Painting pictures on silence

"Music is a language that everyone can understand no matter what form you choose to enjoy it"

I am a twenty year old University student (with little to no linguistic skills, I'm afraid) that is on a 'mission' (until I find a real aim for my life) to broaden my rather limited musical scope. I want to experience musicians that have, for some reason, bypassed me in my life.

I currently listen to Alternative Rock and Grunge music, preferably Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Nickelback, Hinder or The Used.

I'm not entirely sure what it is that makes me love a band or an album. I do enjoy finding the meanings and origins of songs, though sometimes prefer just to know what they mean to me!
Albums should be listened to as a creative body of music, and I hate the itunes obsession everyone seems to have! Listening to individual songs alone and out of order just seems wrong.

30 seconds to mars, acoustic rock, aerosmith, albums, alice in chains, all time low, alternative metal, alternative rock, amy macdonald, amy studt, anberlin, atreyu, audioslave, avenged sevenfold, avril lavigne, bands, barenaked ladies, billy talent, blink 182, bob marley, bon jovi, boys like girls, brand new, bryan adams, bullet for my valentine, bunny wailer, chris cornell, chris corner, ciwwaf, clutch, cobra starship, counting crows, dashboard confessional, def leppard, desert sessions, disturbed, eagles of death metal, eddie vedder, editors, electronic, emo, eps, every avenue, failure, fall out boy, fatso jetson, five finger death punch, flyfleaf, foo fighters, forever the sickest kids, forgive durden, foxboro hot tubs, friendly fires, fu manchu, funeral for a friend, garage rock, gin blossoms, godsmack, green day, harcore, hard rock, hardcore punk, heavy metal, hey monday, hoobastank, hootie and the blowfish, iamx, ignite, industrial metal, jimmy eat world, jon bon jovi, killswitch engage, korn, kt tunstall, kyuss, live, live bands, live cds, live music, lostprophets, lucie silvas, madina lake, masters of reality, matchbox 20, mayday parade, melodic hardcore, midtown, mondo generator, motion city soundtrack, music, music review, my chemical romance, natasha bedingfield, nu metal, our lady peace, panic at the disco, papa roach, paramore, patrick wolf, pearl jam, peter tosh, placebo, pop, pop punk, post grunge, power pop, punk rock, queens of the stoneage, r&b, rage against the machine, rating, red light company, reggae, review, reviews, richie sambora, rise against, rita marley, robots in disguise, sandi thom, ska, smash mouth, sneaker pimps, soundgarden, staind, static-x, stone gossard, stone sour, stone temple pilots, strung out, sum 41, taking back sunday, the academy is..., the cab, the enemy, the kinks, the maccabees, the maine, the network, the offspring, the spill canvas, the vanity project, the veronicas, the wailers, the wallflowers, train, trivium, velvet revolver, white lies, yellowcard